Picking a Research Topic for psy290

Picking a Research Topic for psy290. The purpose of this lab is to have you post a potential research topics for your term project.Create a “researchable” question, i.e., one that can be answered by collecting numerical data and using the notions of hypothesis testing and Inferential Statistics; e.g., the dependent variable needs to be a numerical measure, which is at least at the Interval or Ratio level. and the independent variable should be a categoricalÿvariable with at least two levels at the Nominal or Ordinal level (unless you plan to do a Pearson Correlation). ÿYour researchable question should be designed as an If…then statement.ÿ For example,ÿifgender influences emotional behavior,ÿthenÿmales will demonstrate different emotional responses to similar situations than women will.

Picking a Research Topic for psy290


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