Please Help! Need SQL scripts today for DBM/380 Week 3

Please Help! Need SQL scripts today for DBM/380 Week 3. I purchased your Week 4 assignment, but I need Week 3 also. ÿI need it today, if possible.DBM/380 Week 3Learning Team: Tables and Status UpdateInstructions:Normalize your tables designed in Week Two.Using the MySQL? Workbench, or through a script, construct the tablesin MySQL? from the logical database design from your normalizedERD.Populate each table with at least ten data records that would supportthe user’s functional requirements.Write a 175- to 350-word Status Update for your Learning Team usingMicrosoft? Word describing the work you have completed this week.The Status Update is a simple Microsoft? Word document that lets theinstructor know what the team has accomplished during the week.Compress all your table files and your Status Update into a single ZIPfolder.Submit your ZIP folder to the Assignment Files tab.

Please Help! Need SQL scripts today for DBM/380 Week 3


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