police paper

police paper. APA FORMAT MUST HAVE IN TEXT CITATIONS THAT MATCH REFERENCES!!Consider the following hypothetical scenario: all crime in the United States is now known. That is, the police and the community now have an accurate understanding of when and where a crime takes place (although not necessarily who committed the crime). How would this knowledge change crime control policy? What changes would the police have to make in regard to arrest and citation policy? Would such knowledge be good or bad? 350 WORDS 1 REFERENCEFind a study summary on the Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy that addresses a problem discussed in one of the guides on the Center for Problem Oriented Policing. (For example, Berk et al. (1992) on CEBCP and Sampson (2006) on CPOP both look at the issue of domestic violence). What problem is being discussed? What did the program do? Was the program successful? Are the findings from the study off CEBCP in line with the expectations of the POP guide? 350 WORDS 2 REFERENCES (SEE BELOW)

police paper


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