Policy meeting

Policy meeting. Affordable Care Act Replacement Bill (Waivers denying health insurance coverage for someÿpre-existing conditions).ÿRepresentative Tom MacArthur Town Hall MeetingÿRepresentative Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) held a town hall meeting in Willingboro, New Jersey. In the almost five-hour and sometimes heated meeting, many constituents asked questions about an amendment the congressman helped draft in the House-passed Republican Affordable Care Act replacement bill. The amendment would allow states to apply for waivers denying health insurance coverage for some pre-existing conditions, and permit states to opt out of providing pregnancy health benefits and mental health services.Location:ÿÿWillingboro, New Jersey, United StatesFirst Aired:May 11, 2017 | 8:04pm EDT | C-SPAN 2Last Aired:May 14, 2017 | 1:59pm EDT | C-SPAN 1Link:ÿÿÿSubmit aÿ3-4ÿpageÿsummary paper on the public policy meeting.ÿInclude headings in your paper that address these components:The purpose of the meeting,ÿkey participants,ÿkey agenda items,ÿand meeting logisticsBackground information and a descriptionÿabout the committeeOne specific topic that was discussed at the meeting and an explanation of the committee processAn analysis of the key stakeholder positions related to the topic discussedKey interactions that occurred at the meetingOutcomes of the meeting including the specific topic focusAPA formatÿ(6th ed.),ÿproper grammar,ÿand references as appropriate

Policy meeting


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