Popkin?s theory of the ?reasoning voter.?

Popkin?s theory of the ?reasoning voter.?. In a 6-7 page essay, evaluate Popkin?s theory of the ?reasoning voter.? How convincing is his argument and evidence? To what extent does this ?low-information rationality? mitigate the concerns expressed by Berelson et al. about the behavior of the ?average? citizen? Based on your evaluation of Popkin, do you believe that populistic democracy is a viable form of democracy in the United States?ÿIn writing, you should begin by stating your thesis and briefly summarizing Popkin?s theory of the ?reasoning voter? before answering these questions. you do not need to do outside research for this paper.ÿThe Essay should based on the knowledge of course materials, the originality and thoughtfulness of the arguments, and writing mechanics (e.g., spelling, grammar, organization, clarity, and proper citations where necessary).Required text:( files are too large, so I uploaded the files on the above link)ÿ1. Populistic Democracy (Ch2 in Dahl ?A Preface to Democratic Theory?)2. ?Average citizen? (Bereslson et al. ?Democratic Practice and Democratic Theory)3. Popkin Samuel ?The Reasoning Voter?(I posted a pdf named “helpful information”&”populistic democracy” is basic ideas and summary for the three readings)Structureÿ Intro & thesisÿ Summary Popkin?s theory (How convincing is his argument and evidence)ÿ ?low information rationality? mitigate ?average citizen?ÿ Popkin theory with Populistic Democracyÿ Conclusion

Popkin?s theory of the ?reasoning voter.?


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