position paper

position paper. Position Paper Written AssignmentA position paper is a document you could present to a legislator to seek support for an issue you endorse.ÿPresent your position on a current health-care issue in a one-page paper,ÿfollowing the assignment guidelines below.ÿYou can select your issue topic from newspapers,ÿnational news magazine articles,ÿprofessional journals,ÿor professional association literature;ÿand this can be the topic you choose for your ethical issues debate.ÿYour position paper should:Be quickly and easily understood.Be succinct and clear.Appear very professional with the legislator?s name and title on top and your name andÿyour credentials at the bottom.Condense essential information in one,ÿsingle-spaced page,ÿexcluding the title and reference list pages.Be written using correct grammar,ÿspelling,ÿpunctuation,ÿsyntax,ÿand APA format.Clearly describe the issue that you are addressing in the opening paragraph.Includeÿ3?4ÿbullet points regarding why you are seeking the legislator?s vote,ÿsupport,ÿor opposition.ÿBullet points should be clear and concise but not repetitive and should reflect current literature that substantiates your position.Summarize the implications for the nursing profession and/or patients.Conclude with two recommendations that you wish to see happen related to your issue,ÿsuch as a vote for or against,ÿa change in policy,ÿor the introduction of new legislation.Use APA formatÿ(6th ed.),ÿcorrect grammar,ÿand references as appropriate.

position paper


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