post. ob InterviewPublic speaking is an essential and critical part of a job interview. What are some techniques or practices for verbal communication that might be helpful during a job interview? Research online articles, blogs, or even videos of helpful tools for a job interview and let us know what you find! Make sure these articles, blogs, or videos are scholarly, in that they are based off someone?s experience or research. If the author doesn?t mention these tips came from experience then it?s best to keep searching. These tips will be helpful for everyone?s future careers and any job interviews they may be a part of in the future. Make sure you post the website for others to use later!Of equal importance is your nonverbal communication: what are some tips and tricks to leaving a positive impact or lasting impression? Fall back on your own experience to respond to this question. Lastly how does being interviewed relate to selling an item ? like this week?s assignment?In your initial post:First provide a citation of your source. Summarize what you found and why it?s useful in approximately 170 words. Give some of your own tips from experience or advice you?ve been given!



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