Power point about solar cells with a note of reading

Power point about solar cells with a note of reading. The format for the PowerPoint submission is similar to the format for a written reports.ÿ The basic outline belowTitle pageÿ (one slide)Permission to useÿ (Give Dr. Cochrane Permission to Use)ÿAbstract (one slide what theÿpresentationÿis about)System or concept under investigation (this might take several slides. USE PICTURES and illustrations.ÿ Bullet statements.ÿÿ For Example Bio Diesel the types how they are formulatedTheory of operationÿ (2 Slides Maximum, how is it made or conducted into the engine, viscosity, )Strength and Weakness of design or application (Issues with temperature, problems associated Bio Diesel, a strength would be its environmental friendliness)Quantitative Analysis…a mathematical analysis of some aspect of your topic8. Future applications or design9.ÿÿConclusions10 . Reference page.

Power point about solar cells with a note of reading


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