Principles Of Management Unit I Article Review

Principles Of Management Unit I Article Review. Unit I Article ReviewÿVisit the CSU Online Library, and locate an article that addresses one of the following best practices tied to management: planning, organization, staffing, or directing. The ABI/INFORM Collection database features a number of excellent articles covering these concepts. In order to find these resources, you must first log into the myCSU Student Portal and access the ABI/INFORM Collection database within the CSU Online Library.ÿAfter reading the article and briefly summarizing the purpose for the article, answer the following questions:ÿ? What is the main point?ÿ? Who is the intended audience?ÿ? Do the arguments within the article support the main point?ÿ? What evidence supports the main point?ÿ? What is your opinion of the article? Do you agree with the findings?ÿYour article review submission must be at least one page in length. The article review should be formatted in accordance with APA style.

Principles Of Management Unit I Article Review


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