Product and Service Offerings” Please respond to the following:

Product and Service Offerings” Please respond to the following:. From the e-Activity, determine the best way for the health care provider to distinguish its product offerings from those of its competitors. Provide specific examples to support your response.From the e-Activity, determine how the health care provider can best differentiate and market its service offerings. Provide specific examples to support your response.(DUE TO ME NOT HAVING A BOOK HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF ANOTHER STUDENTS ANSWER….)COLLAPSEOverall Rating:1234512345The most effective way for a provider of healthcare to differentiate its merchandise offerings from the products of its competitors by conducting a competitive analysis. Under conducting a competitive analysis, there is a specific procedure that should be followed. First, the healthcare provider should categorize his competitors to capitalize on your competitors? strengths and weaknesses. Here, the provider should locate his online competitors; this can be done efficiently using Amazon and Google. One should search for the various healthcare providers in their specific product ideas, and their comprehensive business ideas. One may also check the various social media sites for any information on your competitors. The provider should then categorize his specific competitors. There are various levels of categorizing competitors; they include primary competition, secondary competition, and tertiary competition. Secondly, the healthcare provider should examine the website of his competitors and their customer experience. Here, one analyzes one?s competitors? website, for instance, the extent to which their commodity descriptions are attributed. Thirdly, the healthcare provider should ascertain the market positioning of his competitors as a way of identifying the market?s expectations and demands. The fourth step is to have a glimpse at pricing; there are very many factors that ought to be considered whenever one needs to set a price for one?s products. The healthcare provider should consider viewing his competitors? product pricing as a way of familiarizing himself with the amount of money his targeted market is inclined to pay and comprehending the specific prices that would work efficiently for his business. The fifth step is to gather information regarding the shipment. Here the provider should attempt to acquire information regarding the handling of shipment by his competitors and the various ways in which they communicate suppositions. Lastly, the provider should go through the various reviews on his competitors and review his competitors’ social media to see how they market their products.The healthcare provider can effectively market and differentiate its service offerings by effectively dealing with the abandonment of the shopping cart. The abandonment of the shopping cart symbolizes the loss of clients who were viewing the check-out procedure to purchase goods in an online business. People may quit shopping due to the following reasons: increased delivery and shipping costs, forced registration, requesting a lot of information during registration, and a very slow website. The healthcare providers should incorporate live chats as a way of engaging with the clients proactively. Live chats allow the provider to provide assistance at the appropriate time and prevent them from deserting the website. Secondly, the healthcare provider could differentiate his service offering by ensuring an instant assistance to clients. The health provider could do this by incorporating live chat as an effective solution to solving their queries. Live chat also provides one with certain features to enable them to know the customers? IP address and geographic location. Thirdly, the provider should always be prompt in their services to customers. Another way is by ensuring an effective customer service which is also an effective marketing strategy. An effective customer service will ensure the retaining of customers.The health care provider should also offer different payment options as a way of marketing and differentiating his market offerings. For instance the implementation of Amazon payments, PayPal and COD to accommodate all customers. Lastly, the healthcare provider could also create an app world for his specific customers as a way of marketing and differentiating his offered services. The app will provide the clients with an exceptional shopping experience.

Product and Service Offerings” Please respond to the following:


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