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product work. Product Development & Operations ? Category Manager AnalysisDue Date: Week 3Note: While representative of possible situations faced by Alikay Naturals, all scenarios in this assignment are fictional.?Real BusinessLet?s roll up our sleeves and use what we?ve learned this week in a real-life business situation. Each week, you?ll encounter a scenario where you will assume the role of a business person who works with or at a national discount retail store, like a Walmart or Target. These companies provide important, everyday staples for millions of people across the country and have become very successful businesses in the process.?Discount retail stores have locations in communities across the country. They often have strong and recognizable brands that are household names. We will explore how business works throughout this course by taking on a few of the many different roles at successful companies like these.?Your RoleThis week, you?ll assume the role of a?Category Manager?for the Beauty Products category at a national discount retail store.As a Category Manager, part of your role is to analyze data and information about how well a product is selling to help the maker of that product improve the product and consider introducing new products. Rochelle and her team at Alikay Naturals have asked you, the Beauty Products Category Manager, to review one of their products and determine where it lies in the product life cycle. Additionally, they have asked you to recommend ways to improve the product in order to increase sales.?InstructionsStep 1: Product Life CycleRead the Product Report for Alikay Naturals Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo. The Product Report contains important information that will help you to identify where the product stands in the Product Life Cycle and give you clues about what changes customers might like to see.?Respond to Rochelle and her team at Alikay Naturals based on the information in the Product Report.Identify where Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo is currently positioned in the product life cycle.Underline your selection:IntroductionMaturityGrowthDeclinePlease describe the rationale for your position.???Step 2: Product ChangesBased on what you?ve learned:What recommendation(s) do you have for Alikay Naturals to improve or replace Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo? Please support your recommendation(s). ??Step 3: New Product DevelopmentRead the New Product Proposal, which contains three examples of possible products that could be developed to replace Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo. Based on the information in this proposal and the customer feedback in the Product Report:If you had to recommend one product, which product would you recommend they create? Underline your selection:Organic Bloom ShampooMoisturizing Black Soap Shampoo with Dandruff ControlCoconut Protein Shampoo and ConditionerExplain your decision. Provide examples of the customer feedback that informed your choice.Determine which type of innovation this represents from among the four main types discussed this week. Underline your selection:Sustainable (eco-friendly)FrugalSustainingDisruptiveBriefly explain why you chose that type of innovation.

product work


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