Prof washington watson

Prof washington watson. Individual: Visual Logic?: CalculationsDue Today 11:59 PM Practice/Simulation/Homework/Game no new messageView more ¯Expand viewSelect two calculation tasks that a program could perform that could be used by a small business.Each task must include the following:ÿInputting a valuePerforming a calculation on that valueOutputting the valueExample calculations include the following:Calculating sales tax on a saleConverting from Fahrenheit to CelsiusFiguring a total bulk sale price based on price per unit and number of unitsObtain approval from your instructor for your items by sending a Private Message.Create a separate 1/2-page Word document for each of the two tasks. Each document should contain:A brief description of the taskThe pseudocode associated with the task. Base the pseudocode on the examples provided in Ch. 3 of Prelude to ProgrammingCreate a separate Visual Logic? file to execute each of the two tasks.Save all the files in a single folder structure you zip into a single file to submit.ÿSubmitÿthe zip file containing all files using the Assignment Files tab.

Prof washington watson


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