Professional Experience # 3

Professional Experience # 3. Professional Experience #3Due at the end of Week 5 (not eligible for late policy unless an approved documented exception).Follow the link below (“Professional Experience #3”) to the PowerPoint presentation in Office 365. Click ?edit document? tabSelect ?Insert? then ?new slide? and add your information to the new slide with your name in the notes sectionCopy your slide only onto your desktop and saveUpload your slide only into Blackboard for gradingLocate an article, video, or other resource onlineÿthat relates to using PowerPoint or effective slide design.ÿ Using the saved PPT slide on your desktop, provide a summary of this resource on the slide (JUST ONE SLIDE–THIS IS NOT A FULL PRESENTATION). This should be a brief summary, much like Professional Experience #2. Include your name in the “Notes” section of the slide along with a link to the resource/information if not provided on the slide itself. Do not alter or delete any other students’ slides.Save the Your_Name_Wk5_PPT.pptx file. Upload your completed PowerPoint file to OneDriveÿby clicking “Upload” in the menu bar at the top of the OneDrive webpage. Browse to find your saved file on your computer.ÿWhen the upload is complete, submit a copy of the Your_Name_Wk5_PPT.pptx file to Blackboard using the ?Professional Experience #3? link in Week 5. This must be loaded as a Power Point in the window, not in Comments.In order to receive credit for completing this task you must:?ÿÿ Provide a useful article, video, or other resource on using PowerPointÿand/or effective slide design ?ÿÿ Include a brief summary of the resource on the slide?ÿÿ Limit your resource overview to one slide?ÿÿ Fill in the “Notes” section with your name ?ÿÿ Submit the Your_Name_Wk5_PPT.pptx file to Blackboard in the ?Professional Experience #3? linkThis is a pass/fail assignment. ÿAll elements must be completed correctly and on time (simulating the workplace where incomplete work is unacceptable) for credit. ÿYou cannot receive partial credit.Professional Experience #3ÿMUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AS GIVE ABOVE!!!!

Professional Experience # 3


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