Professional/Personal Codes of Ethics

Professional/Personal Codes of Ethics. Following APA style formatting/sourcesÿin a paper not to exceed 750 words, please answer the following questions:For this assignment, please Identify and explain the tenets of your corporate mission statement or professional code for the field of work in which you?re currently employed or hope to one day be employed. My currentÿ employer’s mission statement is ” We provide high quality healthcare through teamwork to ensure a globally ready force.” I work in a military hospital that provides service to servicemembers and their dependents.Identify which morals are implicated by your mission statement or code and whether the mission statement or code is consistent with your own personal values. My personal values are duty, respect and selfless service (Army Values).Discuss whether there have been any noncompliance by fellow employees or members which has impacted your view of how your mission statement or code functions, and what ramifications, if any, such noncompliance has had on the individual, the group of employees or members, and the public.ÿ Fortunately,there has not been any noncompliance by fellow employees for the last year and a half I have been at this hospital.

Professional/Personal Codes of Ethics


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