?Project : A Creative Game

?Project : A Creative Game. TaskYour task is to create an app that is a game. Your game may behave similarly to the games we haveimplemented or talked about, but should not copy what we have done and should be more complexthan some of the more simplistic animation example games we completed. For example, your gameshould be more complex than Mole Mash ( and Pong(, but may be less complex than Brick Breaker.Functionality GuidelinesFunctionally, the app should have the following:? Objects that move over time? e.g. a spaceship flying across the screen? Objects who move or react to end-user activities? e.g. sprites and canvas events based on user interactions? End of game? Your game must end and present some information about winning or losing.? This does not imply your game must have a “win” scenario, if you think about some ofthe score based games that exist, the sole purpose is to attain the highest possiblescore. This means there is a defined “end” of the game, but there is not a specific way totrigger that end by winning.Remember, be creative!? Run your idea by your instructor or TA if you have any questions about meeting the criteria.? If you need sprites, pictures, or sounds try searching Creative Commons or Open Game Art.GradingWorking Project 10 pointsMoving Object(s) 10 pointsObject(s) react to user action(s) 10 pointsEnd of game 10 pointsComplexity 5 pointsCreativity 5 points50 pointsGrade by demoApp Has Creative/Useful App Icon3 points0.5 pointAdd some way(s) to exit your app 0.5 pointMulti-Screen App 1 pointApp Beautification – Make it look nice! 1 pointCreate and use your own procedures 1 pointUse generic “any component” blocks 1 point8 points

?Project : A Creative Game


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