Project Executive Summary

Project Executive Summary. Resources:ÿBaltzan, P., and Phillips, A. (2015).ÿBusiness Driven Information Systems (5thÿed).Week 1 articles and multimedia resourcesIt is recommended students search the Internet for an Executive Summary template.Scenario: You are an entrepreneur beginning the process of researching a business development idea. The first step in creating a high-level Information Technology (IT) strategy for your new enterprise is to develop an executive summary of your project in the context of your goal to incorporate business-driven IT. The executive summary is intended to describe high-level strategic elements of the project. The executive summary is a working document, which is expected to change over time as new project details emerge.ÿCreatean Executive Summaryÿof your project inÿa minimum of 700ÿwordsÿthat includesÿtheÿfollowing information regarding your chosen enterprise:ÿA description of the enterprise, the industry sector, product(s), and intended marketAnÿoverview of the business focus, corporate culture, and ethical frameworkA summary of how the IT value chain will support enterprise innovation and competitive advantage through decision supportCitea minimum ofÿ3ÿpeer-reviewed referencesÿfrom the University of Phoenix Library.ÿFormat?consistent with APA guidelines.

Project Executive Summary


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