proposal 2

proposal 2. SiMPLE LANGUAGE and WORDS!!! DUE 04/28/2017 11:00 am !2-3 Pages time new romance 12″ double spaceBrian Schimmer at the University of Manitoba has developed a very popular resource known as theÿKinship Tutorial.ÿÿuse this link to do tutorial! to answer and submit for this activity using the above Kinship Tutorial:How does the tutorial differentiate between matrilineal, patrilineal, and bilateral kinship systems?How does the tutorial define EGO? Is this different from your book? Explain and give definitions from both this site and your textbook. Cite your textbok.What are the kinship symbols used in the tutorial for drawing a kinship diagram? Is this different from your book? Explain.Review the different kinship systems and then choose one that is close to your own family (Be sure to review the word kinship system..bilateral is not a kinship system). Explain which kinship systems best describes your family and why. Briefly diagram your family two generations back. There are some great websites that help you make a family tree or you can just try to do it in word or paint or powerpoint and include it in your answers. Some student just use word to do this.Please make sure to include your name, my name, and course number on your diagram.Choose one indigenous peoples from the tutorial (See ethnographic examples). You do not have to go outside this tutorial to do this assigment.How is lineage passed?What type of marriage system do they have?What is their pattern of residence?After reading these two chapters and reviewing the tutorial, what surprised you the most about kinship?Explain.Why do you think it is important to understand nature of kinship and family when working with other cultures? Explain. Write at least a 5 sentence answer to this question. You must cite your textbook in this answer.Terminology Review

proposal 2


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