PSYCHOLOGY HOMEWORK. Using current ethical and legal standards, specifically theÿ2014 ACA Code of Ethicsÿ(ACA, 2014) and legal requirements of your state,WHICH IS FLORIDA, develop an informed consent form that you could use in actual practice (either private or community based). Customize the form to work with an adult client who comes to you for assistance with suicidal ideation, a history of depression, and an extensive history of seeking professional counseling. Create your own form from scratch. Do not cut and paste an existing form or use one from another organization or that you found on the internet.In addition to the form, summarize when during the counseling process you would use this form and the specific ethical and legal standards you addressed in the creation of the form. Clearly explain why you included each section or item in the document. Be sure to address multicultural and ethical considerations you need to consider when developing and using this form, collaboration with other professionals, and relevant laws in your state (e.g., mandated reporting laws for the state in which you practice).Finally, discuss how this informed consent document fits into your personal model for ethical practice. In addition, what other risk management strategies should you take as a professional counselor to ensure ethical practice?Your final product will be in a Microsoft Word document and be approximately 3 pages in length (including the consent form). The informed consent should be approximately 2?3 pages. Your form and supplemental information should be organized in a clear, concise, and organized manner; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.



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