psychology paper

psychology paper. Psychology Paper on the psychological affects ofÿFibroids and The Reproductive Difficulties In African American WomenÿUse these REFERENCES:Stewart, E. A., Nicholson, W. K., Bradley, L., & Borah, B. J. (2013). The burden of uterine fibroids for African-American women: results of a national survey. Journal of Women’s Health, 22(10), 807-816.Wise, L. A., Palmer, J. R., Harlow, B. L., Spiegelman, D., Stewart, E. A., Adams-Campbell, L. L., & Rosenberg, L. (2004). Reproductive factors, hormonal contraception, and risk of uterine leiomyomata in African-American women: a prospective study. American journal of epidemiology, 159(2), 113-123.Eltoukhi, H. M., Modi, M. N., Weston, M., Armstrong, A. Y., & Stewart, E. A. (2014). The health disparities of uterine fibroid tumors for African American women: a public health issue. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology, 210(3), 194-199.Term paper due byÿSunday at 1 p.m. ETTerm paper must be 2,000 words in lengthYouÿmustÿuse APA formatÿUseÿAn EasyGuide to APA Styleÿfor help with formatting and citationsPaper must include the following sectionsTitle pageAbstractBody of paperReferencesSubmit your paper to using the Submit Assignment button belowPlagiarismThree common types of plagiarism you need to be aware of as a student:Recycling a paper; ?double-dipping?; self-plagiarism:ÿReusing a paper you have written for a previous courseCopying directly from a source without proper quotations or paraphrasing:ÿWhen you try to pass something off as your own workNot using proper citations

psychology paper


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