Qualitative Data Analysis U3 DB2

Qualitative Data Analysis U3 DB2. Part I:Learning Reflections on Observational MethodsIdentify 2?3 key learning points that are associated with using observation as a data-gathering process.Be sure to address the following:Provide an explanation of the learning point.Explain how it will be integrated into your own research process. ( On treatment of PTSD)Part II:Artifacts or Documents as Sources of DataConsidering your understanding of how artifacts or documents could be used as a primary source of data in research, explain 2 different types of documents or artifacts that may have relevance for your area of interest In seeking treatment for PTSD.How would you approach the analysis of those documents or artifacts?ÿexplain 1 possible interpretation process.APA ÿMinimum 150 words per part (total 300 words)

Qualitative Data Analysis U3 DB2


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