Questions week 4

Questions week 4. 100 words1.ÿWhat are the methods for developing alternative solutions and strategies?2. How do we deal with the difference in State law compared to Federal but then again, there is no federal law against alcohol since the repeal of the 21st Amendment. ÿWhy do we even worry about drugs on a federal level – what do you think?ÿ3.When should alternative solutions be developed? Provide an example to support your answer?4.ÿWhile understand there are a lot of issues out there but how would you handle the relationship between authority and illegal or uncooperative actions? ÿWhat kind of policy should we have for a person that decides they are not going to submit to a lawful questioning about their actions or decide to leave the scene of an incident that they were some how involved in but the evidence is unknown or an officer gives a command for the person to lower their arms or sit on the ground or even lay on the ground and they refuse – what do you do with a person that just decides to walk away or drive away. Agree, there are a lot of other areas that need work but how do you get citizens to act in a less risk prone manner even if they do or do not respect the officer or even the rationale for being stopped or detained or even questioning – what would you do?5.The question about funding would then be what would be the biggest bang for the buck with police departments?6. Read the following article. Summarize the article7.ÿWhat is the three strikes statute?

Questions week 4


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