reading assignment

reading assignment. This assignment is about “Marx & Engels,ÿThe Communist Manifestoÿ(International Publishersÿ0717802418)”There are two seperate assignments( it is actually one assignment, just need different chapter), but same rubric, just write about different chapter.The first reading assignment isÿThe Communist Manifestoÿsection 1,the secondÿreading assignmentÿisÿThe Communist Manifestoÿsection 2-4Here is the rubric:I. What did you read? ÿWhat sort of book is it?II. Give a brief account of the reading assigned. (125 words)III. ÿOffer a quote (of any length) that you think is most important to understand in order to understand the reading assignment as a whole IV. Offer a brief commentary on and critique of the reading (125 words).(Except rubric II and IV are having words count, other question can be short.)

reading assignment


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