reflection paper for winning presentation

reflection paper for winning presentation. Write a 3 page (minimum) double space paper reflecting on your experience in this class throughout the semester. What were your expectations before enrolling? Were your expectations met? How so? What were your strengths & weaknesses prior to taking this course? How has that changed? Have you used the skills from this class in your day-to-day life or other classes? What is the most impactful component of the course? Least impactful? The next time you give a presentation how will you begin the research process? How will you begin the writing process? How will you rehearse? What are your thoughts on the activities/exercises/games/warm ups? What will you tell future students taking this course? What did you like about the book? What would you change about the book? Be specific. Final thoughts?this class is winning presentation so we learn how to make your presentation perfect like use i contact , body languageÿignore tension ÿand breath during the presentation ÿand make it simple words

reflection paper for winning presentation


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