Reflective Assignment – Leadership

Reflective Assignment – Leadership. This reflective assignment is designed to affirm skill development in leadership and has multiple parts. All questions should be addressed. This assignment should be a minimum of 350 words.ÿPart One: Describe with some detail an experience where you “enabled appropriate action” in a colleague or follower. How did you enable that person (or persons) to act, and what specific behavior(s) and/or actions contributed to your ability to do so? How do you know that your leadership resulted in the enablement of someone to act?ÿPart Two: Describe an experience when you were enabled to act as a result of the leadership of another leader. How did they enable you to act, and what specific behavior(s) and/or actions contributed to their ability to do so? Why were they effective in enabling you to act?ÿFinally, create a summary message to describe the significance of “Enable Others to Act” as it relates to your view of leadership

Reflective Assignment – Leadership


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