Reflective paper

Reflective paper. REFLECTIVE RESPONSE PAPERSObjective:ÿTo be able to articulate and reflect on your travel and tourism experiences and interactions with professional managers while studying abroad and to be able to explain specific experiences unique to you and the program overall.Each student will be asked to explain and reflect on specific aspects of their unique experiences, which will include reflection and relationships to general tourism and professional experiences.Tourism reflectionsÿwill cover major tourist activities, including: Rome, Pompeii, Naples, Capri, and Positano/Amalfi.Professional reflectionsÿwill cover site visits to hospitality properties with manager interaction and site visits to major food production facilities.Aÿfinal reflection paperÿwill be completed based on the entire study abroad experience, which will be due in week 4.So, I just study abroad in Italy. And here is a reflective response paper, it’s easy, just write one or two pages is ok.TOURISM REFLECTION QUESTIONSProvide an overview of the overall experience from throughout the day. (1-2 paragraphs)What was your favorite piece from this experience? Why? (1 paragraph)What was your least favorite piece from this experience? Why? How can we change this to improve the program? (1 paragraph)Explain how you would sell this location and activities to tourists (be sure to identify target audience; try to use a different target audience for each reflection). (1-2 paragraphs)I just study abroad in Italy, Rome. And this questions are the reflective response paper. The first question is that you can write that when we got off from airplane, we just take bus with our classmates and professor to the hotel to rest. The second question that you can write the favorite experience is visiting Vatican. The third question that you can write the bad experience is visiting Rome Colosseum. Why bad? Because we take a long time walk, too tired! The fourth question you can write anything you thought. Please according to what I said to write and you can do a research online

Reflective paper


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