REL/133. This assignment is designed to help you identify the relevance and importance in society today for a religious tradition you would like to study further.ÿÿThe assignment is worth 1/5 of your total grade for the class, so make sure that you are putting in the appropriate amount of academic rigor and research.Chooseÿone of the religions discussed in this course.Createÿa 15- to 20-slide presentation to summarize the key ideas of the religion you have chosen.Includeÿthe following:What are common characteristics your chosen religion shares with the others?How is this religion responding to challenges (e.g., the rise of critical and scientific methodologies) in the modern world?What has changed about the roles of women in the religion over time?Discuss eastern religion and contemporary ethics.Includeÿa title slide and a references slide, and any applicable images.Useÿbulleted items on the slides and more extensive materials in the speaker notes.Citeÿat least one reference in addition toÿExperiencing the World’s Religions.These are Microsoft?ÿPowerPoint?ÿpresentations with notes.The speaking notes (there is a spot below each slide to add them) is key.ÿ This presenatation needs to give as much information as a traditional paper, but supported with slides.The slides themselves should have some visual emphasis.ÿ Don’t have white slides with black letters.ÿ Use images, colors, or anything else to make your presenation look like it should: a visual learning tool.ÿ Just small changes, like changing the background color or adding a single image to a slide can easily make it more engaging.With the speaking notes, make sure to have a lot of good information. ÿTHis is worth a large portion of your grade, so having just a couple of sentences per slide will not suffice. ÿThink of how much you would say in a real persentation, and how much information you would need to convey.Formatÿyour assignment consistent with course-level APA guidelines.Submitÿyour assignment to the Assignment Files tab.



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