Research Paper Maya Angelou

Research Paper Maya Angelou. Unit VIII Research PaperConclusionThis is the final contribution to the course research paper, and it allows you to prepare concluding thoughts about your selected leader?s leadership style as well as the impact of his or her leadership, particularly as it relates to leading change and/or innovation. In 200+ words, write a summary for your paper by summarizing this leader?s approach to leadership, as well as the impact of his or her leadership. Also, proofread your entire research paper as a whole. Consider the feedback provided by your professor, and make any appropriate changes or additions to the paper. Proofread your paper and make any changes before submitting your final paper. Add the summary to all of the components of the course research paper (i.e., essays from Units I through VII), save all of your work within one document, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.

Research Paper Maya Angelou


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