Research Paper topic and proposal

Research Paper topic and proposal. Research Paper topic and proposalYou are required to write a 10-page research paper in MLA style.ÿThe paper topics includesSecurity challenges in DBMSLegal and ethical issues in database managementUtilization and impacts with business intelligencePlease select your topic and write a paragraphs abstractÿand all references for your proposed research paper. Any product white papers from specific vendors or Wikipedia are not accepted as your references.ÿYou are required to write a 10-page research paper in MLA format. The paper topics includes security challenges in DBMS, Legal and ethical issues in database management, or utilization and impacts with business intelligence. You must use creditable sources for your paper, products information and Wikipedia are not acceptable as your referencethis is the topic ÿ Threats on SecurityPlease re-submit your reference list.ÿÿyou should not have all reference from a single source.ÿÿPlease do you research more properly.

Research Paper topic and proposal


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