respond to the post below in one paragraph/ social health

respond to the post below in one paragraph/ social health. For example, if you agree with someone ,? then qualify your response with some indications that you have explored: HOW you mean this statement, some reasons WHY you think the way you do, WHY you (dis)agree, HOW such relations could be otherwise, and HOW/WHY such a vision might (or might not be) desirable. Often this is as simple as asking the question ?for who?? would such a statement be true, and ?according to what standard??______________I don?t feel there is much of a difference in the medical model of mental illness and common conceptions of mental illness. It is generally believed that a professional is able to accurately diagnose a person?s specific mental illness; whether it is depression, BPD, or schizophrenia. Also, people generally feel that illness comes from the individual?s physiology or biology. Meaning something that has happened to the person or something that has is hereditary. It is also a common conception that the illness will get worse if not treated and that it is better to be safe than sorry by treating anyone.I have to applaud Norah Vincent for putting herself through such an ordeal. Norah?s statement ?Did the people make the place, or did the place make the people? Did the fact that these people were mostly poor, or at least of modest means, and sometimes even homeless, turn the place into the zoo, or did the zoo turn people into animals? I knew, even in just one night, that the latter was true. You become your environment, and you become what you are excepted to be? (Vincent, 2008) is one of the most accurate I believe I have ever heard or read on this subject. When you go into these places you are stripped of everything from head to toe. How does wearing a hospital gown everyday help someone to feel better and if the goal is to have them feel normal how does this does and structuring their day with unordinary activities achieve this goal?When it comes to mental illness I do not feel that the medical model is always accurate. As was talked about in chapter seven mental illness is more subjective than objective. A person can receive different diagnoses from different doctors and who is really a fair judge of what if deviant behavior?_____________resource 1- find some resources online about Weitz and mental illness. 2- see the attachment 3- belowElyn Saks: A Tale of Mental Illness– from the insideView thisÿclip on lobotomies and Walter Freemanÿwho developed the lobotomy. It is a disturbing film about how science came to view mental illness and how scientists have viewed the solution for it.National Alliance for the Mentally IllNational Resource Center on Homelessness and Mental IllnessThe Mental Illness Education Project, Inc.

respond to the post below in one paragraph/ social health


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