response paper

response paper. For this assignment, you will watch three YouTube videos and write a 500-word response paper that makes an argument about the use of humor in them. ÿ?Shit Girls Say,? which was uploaded in late 2011, was very popular, and led to several variations based on race, nationality, sexuality, and so on. You will watch the variations ?Shit Black Girls Say,? and ?Shit White Girls Say?to Black Girls.? The last video was the most controversial in this YouTube video trend. ÿYour thesis statement will answer the following question: Why was ?Shit White Girls Say?to Black Girls? the most controversial?Your argument in this paper needs to keep in mind Howell?s analysis of Sacha Baron Cohen?s Ali G character. Howell wants to know how Cohen ?gets away with? this character. ÿWhy did the actors in the first two videos ?get away with it?? Why does Francesca Ramsey, who stars in the last video, NOT ?get away with it?? ÿ(ÿif you cannot open the link, search it one google, this article is very inportant !!!!!Somewhere in this paper, I want you to reflect on how you think your own identity shapes your reaction to these three videos.Your paper must reflect an understanding of class concepts, and must make at least one comparison to the Howell article.three video link

response paper


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