Retained Earnings Statement, and Balance Sheet

Retained Earnings Statement, and Balance Sheet. Purpose of AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to help students become familiar with the presentation of the income statement and the retained earnings statement, including how parts of the financial statement is evaluated to determine the operational success of the business.Assignment StepsResources:ÿFinancial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making,ÿp. 36Scenario:ÿOn June 1, 2017, Elite Service Co. was started with an initial investment in the company of $22,100 cash. Below are the assets, liabilities, and common stock of the company June 30, 2017, and the revenues and expenses for the month of June, its first month of operations:In June, the company issues no additional stock but paid dividends of $1,400.ÿPrepareÿan income statement, retained earnings statement, and balance sheet analyzing your findings using the questions below, in a total of 1,050 words:Briefly address whether the company’s first month of operations was a success.Discuss the company’s decision to distribute a dividend.Useÿthe Excel?ÿspreadsheet to show your work andÿsubmitÿit with your analysis.

Retained Earnings Statement, and Balance Sheet


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