Role of Vision and Mission Statements

Role of Vision and Mission Statements. In this assignment, you will learn the significance of the vision and mission statements of an organization.Visit the websites of the following organizations and read about the organizations’ missions and visions as well as about their leaders.National Center for Healthcare LeadershipAmerican College of Healthcare Executives Institute for Diversity in Health ManagementAssociation of Hispanic Healthcare ExecutivesNational Association of Health Services ExecutivesBased on your research and reading, complete the following tasks in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document:Critically analyze the vision and mission statement of each of the five organizations.For any one organization, identify its leader. Do you find the identified leader to be effective? Why or why not? Support your answer using concepts learned in the week.What do you think is the greatest difficulty in achieving the vision and mission of these organizations? In other words, are the organizations’ vision and mission statements clear, concise, measurable, and realistically achievable?If you were an employee or member of these organizations, would the vision and mission statements of the above mentioned organizations motivate you? Why?For the selected organization, what action would you suggest to help the organization overcome the difficulties in achieving the vision and mission?Click here to download a template that you can use to complete the assignment.Support your responses with examples.Cite any sources in APA format.

Role of Vision and Mission Statements


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