Science Questions

Science Questions. What is the difference between energy and power? What is a unit of power? How does speed relate to power?Explain how a sound is actually a form of energy? In what medium do sound waves travel?Give an example of change of energy from potential to kinetic; from kinetic to potential.What is a trophic level? Give some examples. How much energy is lost at each trophic level?If you eat 600 calories per day (roughly one dessert) below your energy needs, how long would it take to lose 10 pounds?How long would you have to walk (assuming 80 calories burned per mile walked) to lose 10 pounds?What makes a good conductor of heat? What makes a good insulator?Explain why heat only flows spontaneously from a hot to cold object.In what way is aging an example of the second law of thermodynamics?In what ways does your everyday life involve science?By what criteria might you determine whether a question might be answered using the scientific method?Identify a current piece of legislation relating to science or technology (perhaps an environmental science or energy bill). How did your representatives in Congress vote on this issue? Did they use scientific knowledge or receive wisdom to arrive at their decision?Which, if any, of the following objects does not exert a gravitational force on you?your text bookthe Sunthe nearest stara distant galaxythe Atlantic oceanIn what sense is the Newtonian universe simpler than Ptolemy?s? Suppose observations had shown that the two did equally well at explaining the data. Construct an argument to say that Newton?s universe should still be preferred.How much force are you exerting when you lift a 50-pound dumbbell? What units will you use to describe this force?How does gravity affect the flow of blood in your body? The flow of sap in trees? How have organisms evolved to counteract the force of gravity?How does a sundial work? How would you build a sundial differently in Canada from one in Mexico?

Science Questions


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