SCIN132 Week 2 Quiz Latest 2017 (A+++++)

SCIN132 Week 2 Quiz Latest 2017 (A+++++). QuestionQuestion 1 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsWhich of the following does not utilize active transport?A.movement of oxygen from the lungs into the bloodB.concentrating iodine ions in the thyroid glandC.absorbing sugar in the gutD.water homeostasis in the kidneysE.movement of sodium and potassium in nerve cellsQuestion 2 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsWhich type of junctions must there be between cells to form a barrier?A.adhesion junctionsC.tight junctionsQuestion 3 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsThe assisted transport of a molecule across the cell membrane without an expenditure of energy is known as what?A.diffusionB.facilitated transportD.osmosisE.crenationQuestion 4 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsDuring a hurricane, salt water invades fresh water marshes causing many of the plants to die. The plants are killed because the salt water solution is __________________ to the plants, drawing water from their cells.A.isotonicB.hypotonicC.mesotonicD.oligotonicE.hypertonicQuestion 5 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsWhat is the maximum number of ATP molecules produced during aerobic respiration?A.38B.36C.32D.2E.4Question 6 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsHow large is a nuclear pore in the nuclear envelope?A.larger than a ribosomeB.larger than the Golgi apparatusC.larger than the endoplasmic reticulumD.smaller than a ribosomeE.smaller than a proteinQuestion 7 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsOften when a person is admitted to the hospital, an intravenous solution of normal saline is begun. Since this does not harm the patient, what is the tonicity of normal saline compared to your blood?A.hypertonicB.isotonicC.hypotonicD.pretonicE.osmotonicQuestion 8 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsSheree observed an amoeba feeding by engulfing the prey with its false feet or pseudopods. This process is known asA.pinocytosis.B.phagocytosis.C.exocytosis.D.facilitated transport.E.osmosis.Question 9 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsAngela would like to look at living algae from pond water. What type of equipment should she use?A.compound light microscopeB.transmission electron microscopeC.scanning electron microscopeD.magnifying glassE.her naked eyeQuestion 10 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsIf a cell lacked ribosomes, it would not be able toA.form a spindle apparatus.B.synthesize proteins.C.respire oxidatively.D.break down fats.E.produce ATP.Question 11 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsWhat components make up the ribosomes?A.proteins and rRNAB.proteins and DNAC.lipids and rRNAD.carbohydrates and rRNAE.proteins and DNAQuestion 12 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsWhich type of gland can become blocked and form a “blackhead?”A.sudoriferousB.sweatC.endocrineD.sebaceousE.compoundQuestion 13 of 320.0/ 3.0 Points________ glands are considered ductless glands and ______ glands contain ducts.A.Exocrine, endocrineB.Transitional, exocrineC.Transitional, endocrineD.Endocrine, exocrineE.Sudoriferous, transitionalQuestion 14 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsWhich of the following is responsible for the waterproofing of skin?A.mucusB.keratinC.hyaline cartilageD.sweatE.waxQuestion 15 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsWhich of the following body parts is surrounded by a mucous membrane?A.the ovariesB.the heartC.the cavities of freely movable jointsD.tubes of the digestive systemE.the abdominal cavityQuestion 16 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsJacob looked up and saw the car. This information was relayed to him via what type of tissue?A.EpithelialB.ConnectiveC.MuscularD.NervousE.VascularQuestion 17 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsStretch marks are the result of tears in the integumentary layer that contains fibrous connective tissue, elastin, and collagen. What is this region of the integument called?A.subcutaneous layerB.Langerhan layerC.epidermisD.hypodermisE.dermisQuestion 18 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsThe best description for the two components of blood blood cells and plasma.B.platelets and plasma.C.white blood cells and red blood cells.D.formed elements and plasma.E.formed elements and platelets.Question 19 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsThe body’s ability to maintain a relative constancy of its internal environment is 20 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsWhat type of tissue receives sensory input, integrates data, and conducts impulses?A.Epithelial tissueB.Connective tissueC.Muscular tissueD.Nervous tissueE.Vascular tissueQuestion 21 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsWhich type of tissue covers body surfaces and lines body cavities?A.epithelial tissueB.connective tissueC.muscular tissueD.nervous tissueE.vascular tissueQuestion 22 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsWhen you put your hand on a hot stove, ____ receive signals from the sensory receptors or other neurons and ______ conduct nerve impulses.A.astrocytes, oligodendrocytesB.axons, dendritesC.astrocytes, dendritesD.dendrites, axonsE.dendrites, astrocytesQuestion 23 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsWhich of the following is a substance that dissolves in water to release hydrogen ions?A.baseB.acidC.protein bufferD.pHQuestion 24 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsToo much carbon dioxide in the blood can be the result of _______.A.feverB.anxietyC.emphysemaD.hyperventilationQuestion 25 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsWhich of the following systems can compensate for pH changes in the body the fastest?A.renal systemB.respiratory systemC.digestive systemD.endocrine systemQuestion 26 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsHypoventilation results inA.spasms of the hands and accumulation of CO2 in the blood.C.lightheadedness.D.numbness around the lips.Question 27 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsAcidosis is characterized by a blood pH _______.A.less than 7.45B.greater than 7.45C.greater than 7.00D.less than 7.35Question 28 of 323.0/ 3.0 PointsWhat is the normal range for the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood?A.55-65 mm HgB.15-25 mmHgC.35-45 mm HgD.7.35-7.45 mm HgQuestion 29 of 320.0/ 3.0 PointsWhich of the following is true about “rebreathing”?A.PCO2 will typically decrease.B.Anxiety is respiratory problem that can mimic the effects of will cause the body to go into a state of alkalosis.D.pH typically will decrease.Please review Lab Exercise 10, Activity 2.Part 4 of 5 – 5.0/ 8.0 Points Answer the following question in your own words without using any resources. Your answer should be written in complete sentences using correct grammar, spelling, and terminology.Question 30 of 324.0/ 4.0 PointsDefine the term “buffer.”Question 31 of 321.0/ 4.0 PointsBriefly explain how the renal system regulates acid-base balance.

SCIN132 Week 2 Quiz Latest 2017 (A+++++)


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