self evaluation

self evaluation. Need a reply to each post minimum 100 words each.ÿ References are not necessary.POST 1ÿwork for a church where I am in charge of a 40 person ministry.ÿ This team is broken into three different areas with one team leader for each area.ÿ Two of the teams are running smoothly, however one is not.ÿ Since I oversee all three teams, it is a reflection on me and my responsibility to keep things running.ÿ People from that team either arrive late or do not show up at all for their scheduled week, and I wind up filling in for their absence.ÿ Church leadership seems to think I am doing great and wants to add a fourth team to my responsibility, however I am not convinced of my own capabilities until I can resolve some of the issues.ÿ I believe my main issue is that two out of the three team leaders are fully committed to my ministry only and dedicate every Sunday to it while the third team lead is not.ÿ He is part of other teams (unrelated) in the church and does not come every week.ÿ He does not hold the people on his team accountable for missing or arriving late and sometimes only knows about it when I bring it to his attention. ÿI have had to take on his duties. ÿI?ve addressed my concerns with him and he agreed he needed an assistant.ÿ I appointed an assistant however he only helped for two months and decided not to do it anymore.ÿ Moving forward- another solution would be to continue looking for another assistant that would hopefully eventually take over the position. ÿI am also considering looking for a volunteer from one of the other teams to switch and be the team lead. ÿThese are physical solutions, but there is also the need for the team?s morale to remain high.ÿ I have to keep in mind that not all the members of the team know each other very well.ÿ Some only volunteer once a month and they may not get the chance to work with everyone on the team this way.ÿ I would like to have another get together and invite all 40 people so they can bond and increase their relationships with each other. This would possibly help break down any barriers of communication among them that may be keeping them from switching turns when they are unable to make their shift.ÿ It seems the issues are cut and dry, but I have to remember that the people are volunteering.ÿ They are not getting paid, so to hold them to the same level of accountability as a company is different.POST 2ÿSo recently this has happened to me where I was very disappointed with my performance at work. I felt like I was letting things drag and i wasn’t staying on top of the applications that were coming in. Then I took a step back and took a look at what could be causing this problem. At first I just thought it was that i wasn’t motivated anymore to do my work, but that wasn’t it. I was burnt out from all the work I was doing and my body finally caught up with me. So here is how I got burned out. I am a recruiter and I currently cover 8 states consisting of 27 operations. Well the other recruiter that covered 6 different states decided to quit. When that happened, I was asked to help out with those areas, and that there still was a recruiting coordinator in that area so it wouldn’t be that bad. Well two weeks later they fired the recruiting coordinator, thus leaving me and my recruiting coordinator to cover states. One month into it, my recruiting coordinator quit, and it left me all alone to cover all those states. I was going crazy. I was going to bed every night at am, then back up at am, for ÿmonths. Well I finally hired a new recruiting coordinator for my area, and a new recruiter for that area. I think if anything like that happens again, my company needs to have the local HR take over the locations that they cover until we can get the positions filled.

self evaluation


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