Serial, Season One: Who Didn?t Do It

Serial, Season One: Who Didn?t Do It. ***Note: This tutorial should only show the student how to solve the problem or reach the answer themselves – not just give the answer. *** Serial, Season One: Who Didn?t Do It?Who Didn?t Do It? oÿÿ Write a list of suspectsoÿÿ Choose your top three suspects, for each give evidence to support why you think this individual is not guilty.oÿÿ Use as much evidence as you can to state your case.*Serialÿis a podcast by the creators of This American Life that tells a story in twelve weekly installments.**Season Oneÿis a crime procedural about Adnan Syed, who has been in prison for 15 years for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. However, did he do it?

Serial, Season One: Who Didn?t Do It


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