SOC 300 ? Sociology of Developing Countries

SOC 300 ? Sociology of Developing Countries. “Education” Please respond to the following:Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following: In this discussion you are going to consider the most significant obstacles to obtaining an education in a developing country of your choice.Using the textbook, and an outside resource of your choosing where you examine a specific developing country,ÿpleaseÿexamineÿthe causes of the problem in your chosen country, outline them for us, and make two suggestions for change that are feasible. Be sure to defend the feasibility.ÿ Also – do not suggest building more schools. This may not be one of the solutions.Please note that in order to complete this discussion one needs to consider that developing countries have unique problems and therefore we need to address these unique problems in making suggestions. For example, some countries such as Chad or Cape Verde lack teachers, others such a Sudan and Afghanistan are war torn and lack facilities, and still others such lack transportation for children and the funds to pay for books.ÿYour suggestions need to reflect the problems in the country you choose to discuss.

SOC 300 ? Sociology of Developing Countries


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