Social Media 101

Social Media 101. Social media has come a long way in the past 15 years, it has gone from becoming a way for younger generations to communicate andÿto advertising for business. I am currently working at a group home that has just finished all of its construct and they are now looking into expanding their marketing techniques. I have brought up the idea of Facebookÿbut was turned down because my directors felt that Facebookÿwasn?t a good place to post about group homes because of confidential reasons. Although now a year later my manager is now looking into promoting our company on Facebook, espciallyÿafter noticing that other group homes and Agencys are also on facebook. Facebookÿis a great way to post new pictures, blogs, and clients reviews. Many times I have personally used facebook to see what reviews the community has on a specific business.The idea that most social media marketing featuretend to be free makes a company?s return on investment reasonably high with low costs associated with the campaign. The money spent on keeping the social media going is already allocated in the budget. This should only mean a few late hours to keep the sights updated. What makes social media so attractive is the fact that it reaches more potential customers than word of mouth advertising. You can also view the product in action without having to talk to a salesperson. All from the comfort of home or even if mmobile.Social media will provide a company with KPI?s such as the volume of sales and installs, come back customers tracking, the number of shares with others, surveying and through customer reviews. These features will allow a company to monitor and track how well the site does and also lets it know if adjustments are needed.Through web analytics, a company will be able to follow the amount of page likes, the number of shares, the number of subscribers/followers. Facebook has a feature called Facebook Insight that provides tracking of the number of people your posts reach with a percentage change from week to week.ReplyÿQuote

Social Media 101


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