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Statics help. Please use the data,ÿStatCrunch, and your knowledge of statistics to answer the questions below.. Download the provided CDC data intoÿStatCrunchÿ(located at the bottom of these directions). You will utilize this data in weeks 3 and 8 for yourÿHealthcareÿApplications Assignment.ÿPart ICalculate the correlation coefficient between each of the independent variables and theÿvariable?diabetes. What does this value tell us about the relationship between each of the independent variables and diabetes?Run a regression using diabetes as the dependent variable and smoking as the independent variable.Is there a statistically significant relationship between poverty rates and diabetes? (Use the T-stat or P-value.) Explain.Write out the regression line calculated using the data.Interpret b1 (the slope coefficient).Suppose a state raises the tobacco tax and the rate of smoking in the state falls from 21% to 18%. What would the decrease be in the rate of diabetes based on the regression results?Part IISuppose you work for a local hospital. Your manager requests that you use the CDC data on diabetes and smoking, obesity rate, physical activity, and poverty rate to present a compelling argument to the board regarding the importance of creating state initiatives to reduce diabetes rates. You must present statistical data in a written report to the board. Write an APA formatted paper, double spaced, 2-4 pages in length, with a cover page and references page addressing the following:Include aÿminimum of four types of statisticalÿtests to make your case. Examples include hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, correlations, regressions, etc. You may use statistical tests that you have completed in weeks 3 and 8 or develop your own.Include aÿminimum of three graphsÿwith your report. Examples include scatter plots, histograms, regression lines, box-plots, etc. You may use graphs that you have completed in weeks 3 and 8 or develop your own.Write an essay using these statistics and graphs to make a convincing argument for the need to create an initiative to reduce the rate of diabetes.ÿ In your essay, explain the relationship between diabetes and obesity, smoking, physical activity, and poverty rates utilizing statistical data, tests, and graphs. Be sure to explain your results and how these results show there is a need to create an initiative to reduce the diabetes rates.

Statics help


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