Statistic. 1. Thirty respondents were asked if they have the access to the 4G network and if they have used mobile banking services. The results showed that 11 people do not have the access to 4G and have not used mobile banking, 4 people have the access to 4G but have not used mobile banking, 12 people have the access to 4G and have used mobile banking, and 3 people do not have the access to 4G but have used mobile banking (using friends? smartphone). (2.5 pts.)?Present the results in a cross-tabulation table. (1 pt)?What would be appropriate ?independent? variable and dependent variable? (.5 pt)?Covert the 4G x Mobile Banking cross-tabulation table in answer A) into a percentage table. (1 pt)2. According to the past 5 years of experience, a professor knows that the average hours his students spend on the final project is 15 (standard error of the mean = 0.9).ÿ In order to see whether or not the time his students spend on the project has decreased this semester, he randomly sampled 50 of his students and calculated the average hours as 14. Follow the steps below. (2.5 pts.)?State an appropriate null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis.?Find the critical values at significant level p=.05?Calculate the z-statistic.ÿ?Compare z-statistic with critical values.?Make a decision on if the students spend less time this semester.



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