Story. Hello,ÿÿ-2 stories.-1 page for each story.-1 story Connection to personal experience and the second story connecion to current event.-Introduction, thesis are required.-APA Format.ÿ-Relate the details of your curerent event ÿin the first story in every paragraph and how they are similar to the story and your persnoal experience in the second story.Name of stories: ÿ(Find those stories pleas)1- “What’s in a name?” by Henry Louis JR.2- “The Day Language came into my life” by Helen Kellerÿ- look for additional information in the attached pleaseÿAfter you finish the paper, write a few sentences here for the introduction, but write the thesis and the rest of the paper first. ÿIn this paper, I will talk about how “name of story” by name of writer connects to my personal experience Or ….The first way that this story connects to personal experience is that?.ÿThe next way that this story connects toÿAnother way that this story connects to?In this paper, I have been talking about how this story connects to personal experience.



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