Strategies of Mitigation

Strategies of Mitigation. NEED HELP EDITING!! PAPER ATTACHED I HAVE SUBMITTED IT ALREADY AND I NEED MORE DETIALS ADDED…..BELOW ARE NOTES FROM PROFESSOR********”*OWASP cannot be a threat. threats are web threats like SQL injections, Cross site scripting (XSS), worms, keyloggers, adware, Phishing etc. You also failed to explain the type of cryptographic systems –  There are different types. wireless has its own and LAN is also with different standards. You did not discuss at all on any of the access controls or any of the authentication protocols at all. You can find all these online. I will allow you one more chance to resubmit with a well answered paper.”*********I NEED SOMEONE TO EDIT THE PAPER AND ADD THE INCORPORATE THE TOPICS DISCUSSED ABOVE !!!!! ONLY SERIOUS WRITERS WILL TIP IF THE PAPER IS GOOD!!

Strategies of Mitigation


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