strees mangment

strees mangment. Personal Stress Management Plan and Paper (15% of grade)The goal of this project is for each student to establish a 5-6 paged plan to maintain at TW0-THREE effective personal stress management techniques. This paper will incorporate the stress management logs and reflections (newly acquired stress management skills), and create a long-term plan for stress management tools that have been effective for each individual.ÿA) Redo the Stress Management Assessment tests from Chapter 2 and compare your stress levels now to the beginning of the semester – is there a difference? Why do you think this is?B) Stress Management TechniquesState which stress management techniques you practiced that were most effectiveHow you have been incorporating the stress management technique into your life (if it is something like working out, describe how you are being more mindful of it being a stress management technique rather than just a hobby or activity)The circumstances of practicing that stress management techniqueHow you felt as a result of incorporating those stress management techniques into your lifeTwo stress management techniques that you have not found helpful.C) Create a long-term stress management plan with SMART Goals-Utilize your new stress management techniques to make 2-3 SMART Goals (page 197 of book) for the next 6-12 months.-SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-basedContent, quality of writing, and grammar will be considered during grading.

strees mangment


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