Structural design – Civil engineering

Structural design – Civil engineering. Create a concise user?s guide to your table (see below) that includes:ÿDescription of the appropriate use of the table, including all assumptions and limitations.ÿ Provide references to applicable code sectionsÿProvide definitions and/or explanations of all unfamiliar terms and abbreviationsCreate graphics (minimum of one) to aid in the understanding of the parameters used in the table.ÿ Each parameter must be represented graphically.Include a copy of the table itselfOne example problem, worked out in detail showing how to use the tableTwo exercises (not worked out) with final answer.Submit either .pdfÿor .doc/.docxÿfile viaÿBbLearnNotes:Submittal by Saturday at 6am will make you eligible to be considered for ‘best design aid’.ÿ One project in each of the four categories will receive 5 extra credit points towards homework grade.Tables/ TopicsMy last name starts with A, so choose Rafter table 2308.10.3(6)

Structural design – Civil engineering


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