sweet. For Unit 3, you will submit a project that includes a demonstrated prewriting technique, a topic sentence outline, and a draft essay that resulted from your prewriting and outline. Completing this assignment is part of a final capstone paper which will be submitted during Unit 5.Specifically, you will complete the following:Select a topic question from the topic list. Clickÿhereÿfor the topic list.Identify and use at least 1 invention or prewriting strategy (mind mapping, brainstorming, listing, freewriting, etc.).Develop a thesis statement and 3 strong supporting subtopics.Create a topic sentence outline (scheme strategy).Prepare a first-draft essay.Note:ÿYour submission should be double-spaced with 12-point font and 1″ margins and include your prewriting, outline, and 500-word-minimum first-draft essay.Please see Figure 2.3 below from page 33 of your textbook for an outline example.Figure 2.3 Outline Example



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