Teaching Writing As A Process Reflection

Teaching Writing As A Process Reflection. the Annenberg video,ÿTeaching Writing as a Process.In the video,ÿTeaching Writing as a Processÿa group of workshop participants discusses the kindergarten classroom excerpts that are shown. After watching the workshop participants’ discussion, write a one-page response (250 words) to each question.Several workshop participants commented on John Sinnett’s modeling of the writing process. Some believed he could have made his writing more visible to the students, while others believed he was modeling the process, not the product. What do you think? How did you perceive his purpose for this lesson?Participants discussed the various teaching strategies demonstrated for supporting students in their planning. In what ways have you assisted children as they prepare to write? How do you decide how much support children will need?What might you do differently after watching these classroom excerpts?Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

Teaching Writing As A Process Reflection


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