Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur. The United States is known as the “land of opportunity.” Every day, inventors and entrepreneurs seek to create better products that will enhance the lives of people in society. Of course, for many, it is their own self-interest that encourages them to do so. They create in the hopes that their hard work and determination will result in a large paycheck!Think about the items that you have now that help make your life easier. What’s missing? Can you think of something that would make your life or one of your relative’s lives better? This assignment requires you to put on your “inventor’s hat” and your “thinking cap”!In a short essay of at least two paragraphs, summarize your idea for an invention that would make your life or someone in your family’s life easier. In your essay, you should answer the following questions:What does the item look like?What function does the item perform?How does it make someone’s life easier?What factors of production will go into making the item?Do a little bit of research on the Internet to find out how you might obtain the funding necessary to start your business and/or bring your new products to the marketplace. Explain what you find. Who might be interested in helping you fund your new invention?

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur


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