Thirsty for the Triple Bottom Line

Thirsty for the Triple Bottom Line. “Thirsty for the Triple Bottom Line”ÿÿPlease respond to the following:Watch the following videos:Watch VideoHow entrepreneurs can change society – the story of Honest Tea: Seth Goldman at TEDxMidAtlanticDuration: (12:33)YouTube URL:ÿ VideoDr. Woody Interviews Seth Goldman of HONEST TeaDuration: (6:02)User:ÿdrwoodymedia -ÿAdded:ÿ12/9/13YouTube URL:ÿ Seth Goldman?s leadership performance on the concept of the ?Triple Bottom Line? using at least two (2) examples from both resources (at least four [4] total examples) to support your evaluation.Seth Goldman?s leadership performance, which is based on the concept of the ?Triple Bottom Line?, focuses on promoting sustainability and transparency in the business environment. He emphasizes that the triple bottom line model should enhance the social, environmental, and financial performance of the organization. Goldman?s model suggests leaders should be committed to improving transparency and accountability.ÿ The three ways to do so include the following:Never stop moving Don?t be afraid of strange bedfellows, and Think big and think small ÿGoldman states that there has been an increasing interest for a triple bottom line model among both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to measure the overall performance, and evidences the importance of the triple bottom line model in improving sustainability and efficiency. ÿBusiness continuity is also useful in improving leadership effectiveness.ÿ This strategy focuses on the businesses that support the overall long-term strategy of the company, and business leaders must show their efforts in supporting long-term growth and business continuity.ÿ Goldman?s leadership performance understanding of the triple bottom line focuses on influencing our environment and society as a whole.ÿ These leaders form part of the growing and evolving network of the interdependent relationships. This defines the model of cross-enterprise leadership that appreciates the environmental factors. Atlantic Leadership Group:ÿ No ordinary Tea, Tea Ordinary ?Tea?EO.ÿ Retrieved April 29, 2017, from %20tea%20-%20no%20ordinary%20teaeo%20-%20seth%20goldman%20lw%202.pdf.ÿEntrepreneurs? Organization New Jersey:ÿ Three ways to meet the triple bottom line:ÿ Honest Tea founder speaks to EO NJ on social responsibility and entrepreneurship.ÿ Retrieved April 29, 2017, from

Thirsty for the Triple Bottom Line


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