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Tutor please. Fe2O3 + 3C ? 2Fe + 3CO; how many grams of C are needed to react with 16.5 g Fe2O3? Chemistry Assignment Homework Help1. In the following reaction:ÿ Fe2O3 + 3C ? 2Fe + 3CO;how many grams of C are needed to react with 16.5 g Fe2O3?2. Give an example of a physical change and chemicalchange.3.ÿ A sampleof nitrogen (N2) has a volume of 50.0 L at a pressure of 760 mmHg.What is the volume of the gas when the pressure changes to 1500 mmHg if thereis no change in temperature.4. Calculate the molarity (M) of 4.0 g of KOH in 2.0L of solution.5.ÿ Indicate whetherthe following solutions are acidic, basic or neutral.ÿ a. [H3O+]= 6.0 x 10-12 Mÿ b. [H3O+]= 1.4 x 10-4 M

Tutor please


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