U3DB_hrmanagementforhealthcare. 400-600 words needed for this assignmentMost health care organizations have a distinct culture that affects the strategic management of human resources (HR)ÿand the attainment of organizational goals and objectives. The health care organization that you are working for has been purchased by a larger health care conglomerate. The culture under the previous hospital managementÿwas relaxed and focused on a collegial work environment, high patient and employee satisfaction, and investing in training for personnel.ÿThe new hospital administration has told you that the hospital is facing a financial deficit and that you, as the HR manager, need to introduce to employees the new culture of cost containment and increasing patient flow (even if that sacrifices patient and employee satisfaction).ÿTraining of employees will be significantly reduced as a cost-saving measure. These cost-containment strategies are expected to save 15 jobs within the hospital. Will the change in health care culture negatively or positively affect the organization’s success?ÿComplete the following:Locate a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed articles that discuss the role of organizational culture in facilitating organizational success.ÿPost the articles as an attachment.Provide a summary of the article and share how the culture impacted the workplace.State whether you agree or disagree with the end results.Support your views with at least 1 other peer-reviewed article.



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